360H6: 360° video system for GoPro (Hero2 or Hero3) 1

360H6: 360° video system for GoPro (Hero2 or Hero3)


One Piece 360 Heros Patent Pending Nylon Holder.  The works great for all weather conditions however does require assembly with GoPro™ housings.

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360H6: 360° video system for GoPro (Hero2 or Hero3)

Our partners at 360Heros have been hard at work developing a line of affordable 360° video solutions using  GoPro Hero3 POV cameras. The 360H6 is an amazing piece of technology. Constructed from one piece, high strength aircraft grade flexible nylon. After assembly with your GoPro™ Camera Housing, you just snap in your GoPro™ Camera Housing into the Patent Pending 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holders and get ready to shoot 360° Video and/or one Shot 360° Photos.

The 360H6 embodies the core technology of full spherical video.  With 6 Hero3 cameras mounted in a cubical design, the recorded and stitched video covers your entire world.  Even the mounting pole is invisible, creating a floating view which defies belief !  The camera seems to be completely unconnected and floating in space.

ATI also carries the complete line of 360Heros  360 Video Software and Accessories.


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2.85 x 2.85 x 2 in


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