Ag Mapping Drone



  • The end to end solution
  • Integrated RedEdge camera
  • Easy and safe to fly
  • Autonomous flight and manual flight
  • Advanced Analytics with MicaSense Atlas
  • Complete single case solution
  • Backed by ATI training and support
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ATI and Micasense are proud to bring you the latest in our line of Ag Drones.  The Ag100 combines DJI’s affordable, easy to use Matrice 100 quadcopter frame with the powerful multispectral imaging provided by the MicaSense RedEdge camera.  Our system provides farmers with an affordable end to end solution with simplified workflow, allowing users to focus on what matters most.  

Image Software:

MicaSense Atlas is a one click solution for processing, analyzing, and sharing multispectral data. This powerful tool takes the tedious work out of generating accurate and valuable orthomosaics and vegetation index maps, with quantitative information that can be used to properly interpret and understand the condition of your field.  Simply remove the SD card from the computer, drag and drop files to the MicaSense Uploader and login to Atlas to  view your data.

Flight Software:  

Atlas Flight allows you to quickly and easily plan missions for your Ag100 drone using the RedEdge and Sequoia multispectral cameras. With just a few taps, you’ll be collecting data: just set your desired altitude, speed, and overlap. Atlas Flight will configure the optimal flight path and camera settings automatically. Log into your Atlas account and instantly create a flight plan over one of your saved fields. Planning a multi-battery mission? No problem. You can pause, stop, and resume missions right in the app – even after changing the battery.

Flight Time and Area Covered: Flight time and altitude are big factors in determining area covered along with battery life cycle, and flying conditions. When we fly the batteries to their bottom level it can stress the battery reducing the amount of cycles the battery has. It is a good practice to land with some capacity left in the battery, the batteries live longer and charge quicker. The M100 will fly for 25-35 minutes with the additional battery conservatively.

Flight Planning Software

Package Includes:

  • M100 Quadcopter – Ready to fly (includes one battery)
  • Additional TB48D battery
  • Battery Charger
  • DJI X3 Camera Mount (X3 Camera available for purchase separately)
  • RedEdge Multispectral with adjustable tilt mount
  • Extra battery bay
  • Reflectance Panel
  • 30 days Atlas Premium Plan
  • Carrying Case
  • ATI industry leading support

M100 Kit Contents: The base M100 aircraft comes with one battery the controller, one pair of spare props, and a charger which charges both the controller and one battery. You will need a tablet as well to mount to the controller to both fly the copter and make the mission. We include the additional battery bay and an extra battery in the Ag100 kit. You have the option to fly with one or two batteries.