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ATI BOT V2 Aircraft


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ATI BOT V2, The next evolution in the BOT series aircraft, brings a new versatile flying platform with the latest electronics and hardware options. The BOT V2 is designed to be a long lasting flying platform that can handle the tough conditions in an affordable package. Water resistant, wide temperature operation range and an open bay platform enable any BOT V2 operator to handle any project. BOT V2 takes all of the time tested traits of the original BOT drone with its time tested motor/drive train system and adds more flexibility and user options with quick turn around times. Using the BOT V2 aircraft system know that your payload flexibilities will not over stress your hardware, this drone was originally designed to handle 2-4lb payloads with little stress on the drone allowing for longer flight times, faster speeds, higher stability in inclimate conditions and longer hardware life. This drone aircraft platform enables the user to focus on mission accomplishment without worry. Considered the PC of drones this flying platform lends itself to upgrades, alterations, and modifications without barriers. Connect your devices to your specification, the BOT communicates in many industry standard ways.


BOT V2 Aircraft only, no video or RC system, integrate your own or select from some of ATI BOT V2 system packages.





Some key attributes include:

-Foldable air-frame for portability

-Certified Anti collisions lights

-Open Payload Bay with quick disconnect rail

-Enables multiple payloads to fly sanctimoniously

-External voltage and communication ports for quick payload swapping

-Durable and field repairable

-Multiple redundancies

-Cost effective




BOT aircraft operate in many different industries from Search and Rescue, Utilities, Government, Education, Agriculture package delivery the BOT can handle the mission. The BOT aircraft is based on the opensource Ardupilot family of drone code. It utilizes the CUBE autopilot, RFD 900 Telemetry, and Mauch Power distribution system. Options like the HERE LINK controller interface is optional.




The BOT Kit includes:

-BOT V2 Aircraft

-BOT V2 Controller

-1 Set Dual Flight Batteries

-Smart Charger

-Manuals and Documentation links


BOT Specifications:

Airframe Configuration VTOL Quadcopter Material Carbon Fiber Frame, Nylon, ABS, Aluminum 

Motor: KDE 4012 400KV, ESC KDE 35 Amp

Propeller: TRI KDE 15.5″, Dual KDE 15.5″ Tiger 15×5 Dual

Flight Controller: Ardupilot, Cube, Here GPS

Ground Control: PC, Android, iOS.

Flight Radio: Taranis X9D, Here Link

Operating Temperature: -10 to +40 Deg C

Operating Freq: 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 900 Mhz

Operating Freq Range: 1 mile to 26 mile Depending on configuration.

Weight (incl. sensor and battery) 4.7 kg (10.4 lbs)

Length (Motor Center to Center) 70cm (27.5 in) Height 40cm (15.75 in)

Case Dimension 112 x 40.9 x 35.5 cm (44.16 x 16.09 x 14 in) Loaded Case Weight 24.3 kg (53.6 lbs)

Battery Dual 6S 7000 mAh,  25C, 25 Volt, Available 5VDC regulated and 12VDC Regulated

Charger 12-24 Volt 500W 2 Chan Multi Charger: Power supply 115, 240 VAC input 12VDC 40 Amp Output

Flight Time (no payload) 30 Min with reserve.

Payload output: AV Vcc 22.2, 12VDC, 5VDC, RS232, PWM/SBus


BOT V2 Top Drwg BOT V2 Aft Drwg