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Connex HD Video Downlink


Designed for the rapidly expanding global drone market, CONNEX is a breakthrough transmission solution that makes it easy and affordable for professional drone users to outfit virtually any size and shape aerial drone with long-range full-HD video transmission capabilities with zero latency.

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CONNEX instantaneous setup allows you to start working immediatelly. You will get amazing video quality running on your screen in no time, allowing you to focus on getting the results you need




CONNEX is the real deal; It is real Full HD, and real 1080P 60fps video. CONNEX allows you to inspect, to broadcast or to monitor anything with the highest resolution and in the highest quality.



Less than 1mS latency is zero latency. CONNEX does not buffer or hold your video; It provides you your video without delay, so that you can see and control it in live. You can use CONNEX video to fly, aim the camera, or control the gimbal and the drone.


CONNEX supports a range of up to 1000m or 3300ft, and gives you all the distance you need for your professional missions.




CONNEX operates in the 5GHz band. By doing so CONNEX does not interfere with your 2.4GHz based remote control signals. In order to promise the link robustness, CONNEX Automatic Frequency Selection will choose the best avaialble channel to be used, and will move seamlessly to an alternative channel if needed.


CONNEX also supports the control of your SBus based Gimbal on the drone. using Futaba® S.BUS from the remote control you can use CONNEX to simultanously get video from the drone and control the gimbal on it.



CONNEX On-Screen-Display (OSD) is a great way to see your flight status. The OSD shows both information about your wireless link status, and MAVLINK based telemetry from your drone flight controller.


CONNEX employs AES128 for the video encription and RSA1024 for key exchange to promise that your content is protected. You can rest assure that your content remains only your content.