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Gremsy gStabi H6


ATI is proud to be your North American Gremsy dealer and we have been excited about the H6 for sometime now.  Aerial camera gimbals of the past have been fine tuned for specific cameras, while the H6 allows you the freedom and flexibility to mount a wide range of DSLR class cameras (up to 6lbs )to your aerial rig. Re-balancing is quick and easy allowing you to select the right tool for the job. Switch from a Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4, or a BMPCC in a matter of minutes.

The gStabi H6 3-axis gimbal is the lightest and most powerful gimbal in its class for both handheld and aerial applications.Thanks to ultra high resolution encoder up to 0.005 degree and advanced motor control in combination with ultra accurate IMU sensor, gStabi H6 produces amazingly smooth footage on a new level of stability  in even the most demanding situations. The built-in stand makes it super portable, compact and convenient while shooting. Being designed as light as possible, however it could  support a wide range of professional cameras and accessories up to 6 lbs.


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Package includes:

  • gStabi H6 system
  • Built-in Stand
  • 2 x gPower 4S Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Wifi Module
  • Battery Checker

Key Features:

  • gMotion Controller, designed and made by Gremsy, based on a 32 bit ARM high speed microprocessor providing super fast response and accurate calculation.
  • Encoder – Ultra high resolution up to 0.005 degree- world’s most highest resolution available in gimbal market
  • IMU sensor – Ultra accurate with temperature compensation and calibration.
  • Auto Tuning Feature – one touch gains optimal settings
  • Built-in stand
  • Battery running time up to 8 hours
  • Simple 5 minutes setup & Balance
  • Quick release top handle to connect/disconnect handle in seconds
  • Dual-operator configuration with remote controls (SBUS or SPEKTRUM).
  • Friendly and intuitive GUI working on multiple platforms: WINDOWS, MACOSX, iOS, Android.
  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 6 lbs / 2.72 kgs
  • Motion control on an ipad apps allows natural pan, tilt and roll.
  • Cameras supported: DSLRs, A7s, GH4, BMPCC, BMCC, C100/C300…