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Gremsy S1


Gremsy S1: An Ideal gimbal to save space and increase flight time. Allows operators the flexibility of payloads with the small form factor.

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Gremsy S1 is the world’s first ever small gimbal with onboard HDMI and SMA ports fully supported for Flir Duo Pro R. Developed based on Gremsy T1 technology with a larger camera cage, the S1 can plug and play with various platforms to provide high precision pointing accuracies for every industrial need.


 The first single arm gimbal made by Gremsy that supports multiple camera models.

Gremsy S1 is the most advanced single arm gimbal for industry experts in the market.

Fully plug and play with many cameras and drones. Small and lightweight.



The S1 features up to 9 connector pins and HDMI, you can do more with your job.



Gremsy S1 utilizes an innovative structure that separates power supply into two parts, one for gimbal and the other for diverse accessories.

*Optional accessory is required.


Product Name Gremsy S1
System Type 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer
Weight 1.6 lb (0.75 kg)
Camera Cage (Standard) (L x W x H) 65mm x 120mm x 75mm
Construction All Aluminum
Input Voltage 14-52V
Connection Bluetooh, USB 2.0, CAN, UART, S-bus, Spektrum, PPM
Payload 1.6 lb (0.75 kg)
OS Platform Supported Windows XP or above; Mac OS X 10.9 or above
Single Operator Follow Mode, Mapping Mode
Dual Operator SBUS / Spektrum / PPM
Pan Range Pan axis control: +160° to -160°
Tilt Range Tilt axis control: +90° to -135°
Roll Range Roll axis control: ± 45°