H3Pro6N: 360° Video System (Easily mounts to UAV's) 1

H3Pro6N: 360° Video System (Easily mounts to UAV’s)


We have been excited about this for some time now! ATI and 360Hero’s have teamed up to bring you the H3Pro6N 6 camera 360 system with  nadir (black hole) below.  One Piece High Strength Aircraft Flexible Nylon.  No Screws required!

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H3Pro6N: 360° Video System (Easily mounts to UAV’s or Helmets)

Our partners at 360Heros have been hard at work developing a line of affordable 360° video solutions using  GoPro Hero3 POV cameras. The H3Pro6N is an amazing piece of technology. Constructed from one piece, high strength aircraft grade flexible nylon. Advanced 3D printing technology eliminates the need for screws altogether. You just snap in your GoPro™ Cameras into the Patent Pending 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holders and get ready to shoot 360° Video and/or one Shot 360° Photos. This system can easily be mounted to your multirotor, taking aerial photography to another level.

The H3Pro6N is a perfect solution for mounting on helmets or UAV’s.  Any environment where the camera will be mounted close to objects which are of little value to the viewing audience.  This system orients 5 Hero3 cameras vertically and 1 Hero3 horizontally creating a Nadir or black hole with no visual data.

ATI also carries the complete line of 360Heros  360 Video Software and Accessories.

Below is video of the H3Pro6N in action and mounted under our DJI F550 Flamewheel. The video is fully interactive, just click and drag on the video to change the view.

[pano file=”http://www.360heros.com/panopress/tours/hawthorne-bridge/index.html” preview=”https://www.aerialtechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Aerial-Technology-International’s-Flight-in-Portland-Oregon.png”]


Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 3.85 x 3.85 x 3.85 in


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