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Thor X4 | Heavy Lift Octocopter


Need to fly a Alexa Mini, Canon C300 or Sony Fs700? You need the Thor X4, ATI’s most advanced octocopter to date. Designed for professional film applications, bringing you smooth stabilized video, options for HD video downlink and the lifting power you’ll need for carrying high end digital cinema cameras.

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The Thor X4 is our newest heavy lift ready-to-fly ATI Octocopter. Nicknamed “Thor” around the shop for its massive KDE 5215 motors mounted coaxially, resembling Thor’s hammer. This coaxial arrangement allows for mounting 18″ carbon fiber props which greatly reduces flex and vibration. Another benefit of a coaxial setup over traditional horizontal place octocopters, is increased stability in windy conditions.


Heavy Lift Octocopter

The heavy lifting capability of the Thor X4 is optimized for professional film production using the Gremsy gStabi H14 Camera Gimbal. Weighing in at only 6lbs. (even less in aerial mode), the H14 is the perfect aerial camera gimbal and beats its closet competitor by 3lbs. The Thor X4 is fitted with custom retractable landing gear which reduces drag and allows the H14 a full 360° of pan for capturing cinematic camera movements. A quick release mount lets you convert from aerial mode to handheld in just a few seconds. The gStabi Tuner application for iOS & Android makes adjusting the gimbal settings easy over a WIFI connection.

Aerial photography captured by an ATI Thor X4 System can be seen in The Oregon Coast – A Winter Odyssey from Uncage the Soul Productions.

ATI Octocopter

Using the Aeronavics Skyjib-X4 XL as the base platform, the Thor X4 has a number of upgrades to enhance flight characteristics and performance. An additional top plate strengthens the frame and provides added protection for the electronics.  The custom dual battery box accommodates two 6 Cell batteries up to 20,000 mAH  for a total of 40,000 maH! The battery box also provides a stronger anchor point for the retractable landing gear and securely houses the batteries.


Heavy Lift Octocopter